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When you complete the initial one time only registration questionnaire, you will immediately be rewarded with a FREE weekend away voucher with Choice Hotels. Then for EVERY sponsored survey you complete you are rewarded with a voucher of your choice from a great range of prizes, delivered on-line immediately as a thank you for responding. And you can even keep choosing the same voucher if one particularly suits your interests.


123 Opinions                                                                                                                                    


Complete our short online survey and tell us about yourself. Upon completion you'll be entered for a chance to win a Plasma TV or $2500 cash. Voice your opinion and receive additional contest entries each time you complete a survey.




Become a product tester for ski equipment. Test ear warmers, gloves and sunglasses.


Adjoined Research                                                                                                  


During the survey process, Adjoined Researchs web site will record your responses including your demographic profile information. We may also ask for a variety of other demographic information to pre-qualify a member for participation in surveys. Because our clients seek the opinions of various demographic groups, membership alone does not guarantee that you will be selected to participate in a particular survey.


Advisory Panel                                                                                                         


In exchange for your participation, we conduct drawings for many $75 and $100 awards plus artist-designed Advisory Panel T-shirts for each topic. Only those who complete surveys will be eligible for prizes.



When you join AlphaDetail's panel of healthcare professionals, you will receive notifications via email about interactive AlphaSessions relevant to your practice. As a way of thanking you for your feedback, you will receive a medically relevant gift for each Online Detail or Disease State Awareness program, and a cash honorarium for each Online Market Research survey.


Amazing Samples 

Complete our short survey and receive a complimentary sample pack of gum as our thanks to you.


American Consumer Opinion®                                                                                          


All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member. If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered into a drawing for cash awards. If you participate in paid survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift). Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Simply fill out paid surveys. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.


AMG Insider                                                                                                              


As an AMG Insider, youll have an opportunity to play a role in the future of allmusic by participating in surveys on potential new features and other changes. Youll also be among the first to receive news and announcements from us. Make your voice heard.


Amicus Group                                                                                                                                  


We often seek our tenants' opinions through regular surveys about our services. These surveys help us find out if tenants are happy with what we are doing and how they think we could do better.




You are eligible to participate in our Tech Panel if you work in ANY capacity at a manager level or higher for a technology company OR you work primarily in a technology field such as programmer, network administrator, dba, software developer, web developer, or Internet security expert. We give away 10 $25 Amazon gift certificates at the end of each industry study and 20 $25 Amazon gift certificates at the end of each client survey.


AQ Services                                     


We are looking for Assessors in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland to carry out mystery shopping assignments, either in person or by telephone. Fees vary from the reimbursement of expenses to 40 euro an hour, depending on the length, intensity and type of assessment.




Arachnea conducts online surveys to understand the attitudes and opinions of consumers as a whole. Your responses are grouped with the responses of others to form summary information that our company can use to understand the needs and perceptions of consumers and improve the products and services we offer.


Attention & Perception Lab                                                                                                


Participate in the UCSD Attention and Perception Lab Current Studies. Respondents are entered in a drawing for prizes (First prize: US $150, Two Second prizes: US $100, Three Third place prizes: US $50).


Attitudes Across America                                                                                                   


Our member appreciation program isdesigned to reward you with valuable prizes in exchange for your ongoing participation in our surveys.Each time you complete a survey, you will earn points automatically. No more waiting! You canaccumulate and redeem these AttitudeReward Points for fantastic prizes such as gift cards, music, electronics andeven a charity.


Austrailian Lifestyle Survey

If youre like most people, youre probably happy to receive information on products and services as long as it is relevant to your interests and needs. With this in mind, wed like to give you the opportunity to indicate the type of advertising and information youd like to receive via the on-line Australian Lifestyle Survey. Fill in the survey and you could win a cheque for $25,000. Plus the next 15 valid entries drawn will win a cheque for $1,000


Austrailian Opinion Research                                                                                             


We collect information about what Australians think your attitudes, opinions and things you do. We reward you for helping us by either paying you a cash amount or entering you in a cash prize draw. Cash prizes range from $1500 to $10,000 and cash payments range from $10 to $50 depending upon the length of the survey and detail required.


Australian Shoppers Survey                                                                                               


The Australian Shoppers Survey is being conducted by Pacific Micromarketing to measure what Australians think, like, want and do across a broad range of questions. So don't miss your chance to win your choice of a new Volkswagen Polo, $30,000 cash or a $30,000 family holiday!




Periodically, we send products to people to test, review, and suggest improvements. In exchange for testing a product, you get to keep it.


Baby Zone                                                                                                                


Join our consumer panel and get a FREE BabyZone Baby Bib and a chance to win $10,000. It's quick and easy.


Baker Street Solutions                                                                                                                    


By sharing your views as a member of the BSS panel you can earn money for participating in our product studies. You could earn up to $50 per Study




Throughout the year, we will send you invitations to participate in online surveys about CVS products and services. If you choose to participate in our surveys, we thank you for your time by crediting your ExtraCare account with ExtraBucks (amount varies depending upon the length of the survey from $2.00 - $50.00).




Sign-up to be a Cyberleague panelist. You can give your opinions and be eligible for a special monthly drawing to win cash. You can also earn free stuff such as phone cards, gift certificates or the chance to win cash when you complete a Clickin® Survey.


DataLocator Interactive                                                                                                       


Lists different sites in th UK that are offering surveys.


Datatelligence Online                        

As a member of datatelligence ONLINE, you will have the opportunity to express your opinions, and convey your experiences regarding a variety of products and services. Depending on the length and type of the study, our members are rewarded in a variety of ways - You may receive cash or earn datapoints, which can be redeemed for high tech electronics (PDAs, IPods, CD/DVD player, etc.), movie tickets, air travel miles, MP3 download and other great items in your incentive catalog. Also, by completing your member profile, you are automatically entered into our new member monthly drawing to win $1000 cash.




After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation Email and we will credit 40 panel points to your account.


Digital Documents Advisory Panel                                                                        


The Digital Documents Advisory Panel is an online community of individuals who have agreed to share their opinions about high-tech printer/copier products, multi-functional products, solutions, services and supplies in their organizations. In exchange, Digital Documents Advisory Panel members are rewarded with access to new information and opportunities to receive cash, online gift certificates, or other rewards.


Digital Health                                                                                                                        


Digitalhealth.com conducts online surveys throughout the year. We either pay each person for participating or we include all participants in a sweepstakes drawing for a minimum of $250 in prizes and often as much as $500 or $1,000. Our typical survey takes between 5 and 8 minutes to complete.


Digital Research                                                                                                                  


Participation in our panel surveys not only gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion, you can also win cash and prizes through our sweepstakes! And when you refer your friends and family to us through Tell-a-Friend, you will have even more chances to win!




Post restaruant reviews and earn a free Dine.com T-shirt or premium memberships on any Friend Finder Network personals site!




DiscoverWhy wants to know your opinions on everything from product design and advertising campaigns to political issues and current events. Most DiscoverWhy surveys offer a cash incentive! The e-mail invitation will mention the amount you will receive for participating in the survey.


Disney Magazine Panel                                                                                                      


By joining the panel, you will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for cash prizes. In addition, there will be cash incentives offered for selected participants for completing the survey as a member of this panel.


DMD Surveys                                                                                                                                   


Our panels of health professionals are in place because our clients want the opinions and feedback of key professionals that impact their products and services. On an occasional basis, panelists will be invited to complete a survey by telephone, mail, or via our secure Internet site. For ALL surveys or interviews you complete, you will receive an honorarium. While honoraria are typically given in cash, payments may also be in the form of a gift certificate or prize.


Drug Voice                                                                                                                           


Become a DrugVoice panel member and have your voice heard. You can shape the future of healthcare through DrugVoice. As a panel member, you will receive new and valuable information about your condition, including results of our panel surveys. You will also be entered into random drawings for substantial cash and prizes to thank you for participating.


East Coast Survey                                                                                                               


East Coast Survey is a research consultancy based in North America, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative research across all states including remote localities where appropriate. Our staff are members of the Market Research Society of America, and abide by its Code of Conduct. We pay for your opinion.




e-BusinessSurveys.com is a worldwide panel of people help shape the future by sharing their opinions and ideas in online surveys. Join our research panel today and help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think. Make your opinions count. Earn cash and prizes each time you complete a survey.


eC Global Panel                                                                                                       


Exchange ideas with other members of our community to help establish best practices for Companies, Governmental Organizations and NGOs. By participating as consumers, you could be rewarded with gift-certificates, virtual coupons, drawings, prizes and through our eCPoints! By participating as Professional, besides our consumer prizes, you can receive Market Research and Industry Analysis Reports, White Papers and access to our Knowledge Library with extensive documents and articles from various Industries and professional trades.


ECN Research  

Receive offers, coupons, discounts and giveaways targeted to your specific needs based on how you answer our survey. Sign up for other great survey offers where you can get paid for providing your honest opinion.


e-Composites Advisory Panel 

To become a member, you need to have some experience in composite materials industry. Worldwide composite materials users can become a member of this advisory panel. By becoming a member of advisory panel, you can expand your horizon and participate in key issues related to the composite materials industry. Even better, we'll pay you for your time!


Edge Poll                                                                                                                  


Like the net itself, this survey will evolve over time. It is part of our effort to develop an opinion panel of internet users, in a way that will generate the greatest level of participation from people like you.


Education Research                                                                                                            


You may be testing an idea, developing or comparing a product or service -- or some element of it. Both public and private organizations use the results of the research to guide the development of new curricula, software, textbooks, web sites, and other leading-edge educational materials and programs. Because we value the professional opinions of our participants, those who take part in our research projects typically receive financial compensation.




Market researchers are always looking for people to participate in research studies. If you sign up, you may be invited to participate. You can be in an online focus group, discussioon board,or you can be asked to fill out a questionnaire online. The amount you are paid varies from study to study. Sometimes you are paid with coupons, tickets, or products that the client provides. It all depends on the study. You are told how you will be paid when you are invited to participate.


eGlobal Panel                                                                                                                       


eGlobalPanel surveys are conducted on-line at a time to suit you. Join our panel for the chance to tell us your thoughts on a variety of subjects and topics whilst entering draws to win fantastic prizes!




Our goal is to improve our understanding of the needs, interests and purchase behaviors of various industry segments, as well as consumers. We conduct two types of surveys: Industry Surveys and Market Research Surveys. For your time and effort in responding to one or more of the surveys, you will be entered to win $500 in cash if you are selected from those who register for this program.


EJ's Fishing Ezine                                                                                                               


You get a magazine emailed to you monthly full of great articles to help you catch more fish. You get the oppurtunity to field test tackle and in return get to keep it for free. You get the chance to show your trophies and share your stories with the rest of us in the Catch'n Tales section.




We asked eJurors who completed a 6-page case to respond with how long it took and the answers averaged to 35 minutes. For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 - $10 depending on the length of the case. The amount to be paid will be shown at the top of each case.




Were looking for people like you to participate a few times a year in our innovative online experiments and surveys about how people behave in the digital world. Every month eLab holds a random drawing for a $250 cash prize. Additionally, if you choose to participate in an eLab experiment or survey, you are also eligible for separate drawings for $100 cash prizes.


El Monterey                                                                                                                           


We're proud to be the largest manufacturer of frozen Mexican food in the United States. Sign up to receive test our products and keep them free of charge.


Email Cash                                                                                                                           


You can join EmailCash for FREE! You'll be rewarded for reading email and filling out online surveys, for shopping, for playing games and much more! Redeem your rewards for a cheque or prizes, or donate to charity.


Email Inform                                                                                                                          


At emailinform.com, we aim to bring you offers, competitions and discounts which match your lifestyle. To do this, we ask you to fill out a short survey about your interests, so we know what kind of offers you're into.


Employee Surveys                                                                                                               


As a panel member, we'll occasionally e-mail you and ask you to complete surveys, usually about work related topics. Each time you participate in a survey, your name will be entered into a drawing. After each survey is completed, a grand prize winner and several second place winning names will be drawn.


eMarket Panel                                                                                                                                  


eMarketPanel is looking for a select group of people in key US markets to give their opinion on today's top brands. This information is extremely valuable to us and we'll be rewarding qualified members with free gift incentives for completing marketing offers.


e-Markets Research                                                                                                            


Take our online surveys and tell companies what you think about their products, services and advertisements. Sign up today for your chance to win $25,000 cash. All qualified members will receive a 3Days - 2Nights Getaway.


Employee Surveys                                                                                                               


Your work experiences and opinions are valuable to us and to the users of this web site. Because of this, we'd like to invite you to join the employeesurveys.com Employee Panel. As a panel member, we'll occasionally e-mail you and ask you to complete surveys, usually about work related topics. Each time you participate in a survey, your name will be entered into a drawing. After each survey is completed, a grand prize winner and several second place winning names will be drawn.


eMystery Shopper                                                                                                                


Would you like to earn some extra money whilst surfing on the web? We are always on the look-out for new members to join our self-employed team of eMystery Shoppers - monitoring and assessing web sites and reporting on their usability, effectiveness and customer service performance.




Encuesta, Inc. is a leading market research firm in the U.S. that specializes in the Hispanic market. When you submit the completed survey you will automatically receive by mail the incentive promised (typically $3.00 to $5.00 per survey or a gift) You will also automatically be entered into our per study drawing for a chance to win cash prizes (typically $250.00 - $500.00)




Write product reviews and receive Eroyalties credits, which are redeemable in U.S. dollars.




E-Poll - where you can express your opinions about entertainment, consumer products, current events and much more! Earn gift certificates to major retailers.




As a member of the e-Research-Global.com Panel you will have the opportunity to take online and off-line surveys, participate in focus groups and test new products. When you are selected and participate in a study, you will receive cash, check or a direct deposit as a thank you.




Members can earn up to $1 in e-Rewards for each e-mail they receive, and much more for providing their opinions on periodic research surveys. Once sufficient currency had been accumulated, members can then redeem their e-Rewards for great rewards from companies like American Airlines®, BLOCKBUSTER®, Hertz®, Hilton®, Vail Resorts, IBM®, Omaha Steaks®, and e-Bags®.



There are many benefits to being a member of our online panel. Most importantly, the surveys provide you with a forum to express your opinions and let manufacturers know what you think about many different products and services. In addition, completing most surveys will automatically enter you into a drawing for special prizes (usually cash), and in some instances, all participants are rewarded with an honorarium.




e-sensor is an innovative online research panel where you get rewarded for your opinions. The panel is a fun and easy way to tell us what you think about a wide range of topics, from advertising to favourite movies and bands, to the worst TV programmes. We offer a variety of prizes including movie vouchers, cds, gift vouchers & more.




As a Panel member, you will be asked to respond to periodic surveys covering a broad range of topics-from fashion and beauty to lifestyle to entertainment and advertising. In appreciation of your participation, you will be eligible to receive free product samples, special offers and invitations to exclusive ESSENCE events.




You will be eligible to participate in online focus group discussion groups and online surveys. We are hired by consumer product companies, retailers, ad agencies, and internet companies to help them understand more about what consumers want, like and need. To encourage participation, they usually offer and opportunity to win cash, gift certificates or prizes in drawings.


eTown Panel

People all over America join eTownPanel to voice their opinions on important issues facing their city or town. Its fun, it can benefit your community -- and you can win gift certificates from Amazon.com.


eVENT® Fabrics                                                                                                     


Here at eVENT® Fabrics, we're interested in how our technology performs in real world conditions. Hence, we're continually field-testing new product. If you are willing to serve as one of our field-testers, apply today.


eVox Panel                                                                                                               


By joining the eVox panel, you will have the opportunity to express your opinions on subjects that matter to YOU and shape the future of Canadas market place and institutions. From time to time members will receive an email invitation to complete a short online questionnaire. Everytime you do, your name will be entered in our $5000 quarterly draw.


Eye Cloud Consulting                                                                                                          


Payment for participating in online surveys can be either in the form of a sweepstakes or a set amount for each survey, depending on our clients. For example, for some surveys your name will be entered in a sweepstakes for $100 $500 and, for other surveys, you will be paid a set amount between $1 $10. Compensation for focus groups can range from $10-$100, depending on length and topic. We will let you know in advance how much you will get paid.


Exclusive Rewards                                                                                                              


Enter your email address and choose your free gift.


Executive Advisory Board                                                                                       


As a member of the Executive Advisory Board, you would be paid for every online survey you complete (ranging from a minimum of $10 U.S. to $300 U.S. or more, depending on the length of the online survey). Also, just for being a member, your name would be entered each month in a drawing for $250 in cash prizes.


Family Feud Survey                                                                                                             


You could win $1000 by answering our Family Feud survey question and helping to decide the #1 answer.


FamilyFun Reader Panel                                                                                        


Our FamilyFun Reader Panel consists of volunteer families who are contacted periodically via e-mail and asked their opinions on various FamilyFun topics, from crafts and cooking to traditions and travel. When we have a question, panel members are sent an invitation to complete an online survey. In return, not only do these expert families win our eternal gratitude, but there are cash and prize incentives as well.


Fantasy Sports Research                                                                                                   


This is the only place on the web that fantasy sports enthusiasts can share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences about the fantasy sports they play! The benefits of joining our panel are c hances to win prizes for EVERY survey you complete, c hances to win quarterly prizes, better manage your team and league using the panel's satisfaction ratings of stat services, web sites, draft software, and more, gain insight on sleepers and strategies from fellow panel members, get summary results of the surveys in which you participate.


Fairfield's CyberSurvey 

Your opinions are of tremendous value to us and to our survey clients. We are inviting you and your household to become part of our exclusive Consumer Research Panel. As a panel member, you, or other family members, will be asked to share your opinions several times a year through surveys and possible panel discussions. Each time you complete a survey you have a chance to win prizes in our monthly drawings.


Ferris Research                                                                                                                   


The Ferris Research User Panel consists of IT professionals who work with messaging and collaborative technologies, providing services to staff of their organization. People join to share experiences with other people like themselves, learn from each other, and keep current on news and trends.


FGI Research                                                                                                                                   


Joining the FGI SmartPanel is free and only takes a few minutes. This is your opportunity to count...your opinions will be heard by some of the largest companies in THE WORLD! Plus, our panelists are eligible for great cash prizes and other rewards just for participating in our surveys. Payments for SmartPanel online surveys range between $5-$10. From time to time, we offer cash prize drawings instead of individual payments.


Fhios Group                                                                                                              


We conduct various types of tests. Some involve performing a set of tasks on a web site such as requesting a brochure and providing your feedback, whilst others consist of completing an on-line form giving your feedback on various web site pages. Typically, usability tests and study groups can expect to receive £50 per study as they obviously incur some personal expense to you, such as travel. Mystery visitor fees are less and typically are £20 because they do not involve travel and do not take so long to participate.


Fisher Telephone Study

As a FISHER participant you will take part in up to 20 telephone calls talking to other participants -- typically people you do not know -- for ten (10) minutes. A small number of participants will be selected to participate in only one (1) telephone call and will be paid $50 for this call. This will offset those participants' reduced participation in the Fisher study.


Fitness Magazine                                                                                                                


Become a member of our new Reader Panel and share your opinion on the products and services that you see each month in the pages of FITNESS. As a member of FITNESS forum, you'll be the first to sample new products, be eligible to win special prizes and receive VIP treatment at FITNESS events!


Focus Forward                                                                                                                     


Want to get paid for your opinions? It's EASY! And FUN! You will never be asked to buy anything and your demographic information is kept in strict confidentiality. After submitting an on-line profile, our recruiters will call you when a project suits your interests. If you choose to accept the invitation to participate, you will be compensated cash for your time and for sharing your views.


Focus Line                                                                                                                


Focusline.com is an online consumer research service that conducts online interviews about a variety of consumer oriented topics. Pre-qualifying questions only take a short time to complete and full surveys can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Group sessions and one-on-one interviews are conducted in a chat based environment and generally last for 30 minutes to an hour. We typically pay between $25 to $45 for your participation in our studies.




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